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Get a Pre-Purchase Plumbing Home Inspection in Birmingham Before You End Up All Wet


When in the market to purchase a home, a quality-installed and properly functioning plumbing system should rank at the top of your must-haves. It’s no secret that water, whether rushing or dripping, can be a home’s worst enemy.


Be sure to hire a home inspector in Birmingham with the experience and training to identify both obvious plumbing problems as well as less apparent issues that demand immediate correction or may cause major headaches down the road, from serious leaks that could harm cabinets and drywall to troubles concerning malfunctioning faucets and loose toilets.


Your home inspector in Birmingham should put a high priority on performing a thorough visual and operational examination that includes checking interior water supplies and distribution systems; interior drain, waste, and vent systems; water heating equipment; and other plumbing concerns. The home inspector should also report on the type of interior plumbing materials, water heating materials, and location of the main water and fuel shut-off valves.


The professionals at A-Pro Home Inspection perform a detailed checkup of a home’s plumbing system as part of a whole-house inspection. Here are some common plumbing issues A-Pro home inspectors in Birmingham come across:


Home Inspection BirminghamBroken and Rusty Pipes:  Rust in or around a pipe can impede water flow and result in reduced pressure.


Home Inspection BirminghamSlow Drainage, Water Backup, and Unusual Noises Such as Gurgling: These may be a sign of a main sewer line clog that could require further inspection to detect tree root blockage.


Home Inspection BirminghamThe Presence of Mildew, Fungus and Mold: Your home inspector will make note of these conditions, which may indicate unseen water leakage behind walls.


Home Inspection BirminghamWater Stains: Dark, circular stains and rotting wood under pipes is a good indication of leakage.


Home Inspection BirminghamMakeshift Repairs: We all have found a hundred perfectly fine uses for duct tape. But if current or former owners relied on duct tape rather than professional repairs to fix pipes, expect this to be written up in the home inspection report.


Home Inspection BirminghamCross-Connection Problems:  For example, your inspector will note improper plumbing that allows contents of the sink/disposal to drain into the dishwasher. Water contamination can result when water meant for consumption gets mixed with other water sources.


Home Inspection BirminghamGalvanized Pipe:  Older homes (pre-1960) may still have dangerous galvanized pipe. This is pipe made out of lead and covered by a layer of zinc, which can erode over time, releasing harmful lead into the home’s water supply.


Home Inspection BirminghamWater Heater Issues: Your home inspector will report on the age of the water heater, installation problems, and whether there are any visible signs of leakage.


A plumbing inspection is just one part of an A-Pro 500-point foundation-to-roof home inspection. To hire a certified local A-Pro home inspector, call (205) 538-2425.Home Inspection Birmingham

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